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NetMesh Architecture Across Products

NetMesh Architecture Guide

Describes the NetMesh architecture, its major architectural and design principles, and the core object frameworks used throughout NetMesh products.

Download: PDF

NetMesh Glossary

Defines terms often used in a NetMesh context.

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NetMesh InfoGrid Version 1.3.x

Note: These documents precede the introduction of the product name "InfoGrid".

NetMesh InfoGrid Release Notes

Release notes for the InfoGrid 1.3.x version

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NetMesh InfoGrid Probe Development Guide

Describes how to develop Probes for NetMesh InfoGrid.

Download: PDF.

NetMesh InfoGrid Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Collects a number of questions we've heard frequently from customers, and answers them.

Download: PDF.

NetMesh Situational Healthcare Blueprint

NetMesh Situational Healthcare Blueprint Release Notes

Release notes for the blueprint's 1.3.x version

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